Quality assurance

Consistent quality assurance defines our way of working

The use of sophisticated testing procedures is very important if you are to offer a consistent level of quality and precision to your customers. At Gutekunst, each production step is monitored on an ongoing basis through comprehensive quality assurance processes.

The use of up-to-date mechanical, optical and electronic testing equipment guarantees that the quality of our products remains flawless and unchanging. This ensures that all products meet the high demands of our customers in every respect.

Gutekunst quality assurance starts with an extensive incoming goods inspection of the raw materials, because these have a significant influence on the quality of products.

During the ongoing production operation, parts are taken from the production line in accordance with precisely determined test procedures and are inspected by separate quality control staff in separate locations using high-quality testing equipment to ensure their quality and exact compliance with specifications.

In addition, we provide on request CAD load simulations for every respective use. This enables the early detection and reliable resolution of potential flaws.

Further sampling is carried out before the products are shipped in order to ensure that nothing is delivered to our finished parts warehouse or to customers that does not meet the specifications. On request, we can provide you with all test protocols and the investigations of process capability.

Evaluations by suppliers and customer satisfaction are testaments to our quality standards, which we achieve through ongoing training and a consistent striving for improvement combined with certification processes.

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