Spring clips for fixing or adjusting

Spring clips are used wherever components have to be adjusted, locked, or clicked into the correct place. Main advantages of spring clips are that on one hand they ensure that components are securely fixed in the correct position while on the other hand they can be quickly detached again.

Depending on use, spring clips can be made out of pre- or post-hardened material. For technical spring clips, all conventional materials can also be processed and coated.

We provide spring clips in various sizes and materials either direct from stock or in accordance with your requirements. We are happy to provide you with an offer at short notice.

Technical features:

  1. Material thicknesses to 3.0 mm
  2. Material widths between 5.0 and 60.0 mm
  3. Made from all types of industrial steel
  4. With laser marking and final surface treatment
  5. Materials from warehouse: CK 75 G (also with electroplated surface for an extra charge) and 1.4310 (stainless steel)
  6. In small and large quantities
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