Box springs for industrial use

Box springs feature a spring leaf with a rectangular design. This design form simplifies the manufacturing processes and ensures that the contact area in the upper saddle point is designed to be large enough to ensure supported elements are loaded in a stable way.

In addition, this design variant considerably simplifies the assembly operations since there is sufficient room on the contact area on the upper saddle point for the insertion of bolts and/or screws.

We produce customised industrial box springs based on your special requirements, CAD data, drawings or samples.

Technical features:

  1. In steel wire of up to 1.0 mm
  2. With the following limits in dimensions:
    Size BF to max. 20.0 mm
    Size AF to max. 10.5 mm
    Size LF to max. 1.000 mm
  3. Using material 1.4310
  4. In small and large quantities
  5. Where requested, also with full process logging in compliance with industry guidelines
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