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Certified to ensure your security

Customer satisfaction is one of our foremost company principles. As our customer, you set our quality standards. We also apply high standards in order to find the best and most appropriate solution to meet your requirements, and we do everything we can to this end.

Gutekunst is certified in accordance with the DIN ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, OHSAS 18001 quality guidelines and is a member of the EFQM-Foundation.


Our products achieve continual industry recognition

We are of course extremely delighted that our brand is on everybody’s lips and that our thinking and actions generate such a positive response. We are on the right path, but we also know that this is no reason for complacency.

In view of this, the dominant principle at Gutekunst is continual improvement. The company will only continue to steer a successful course with the help of all of its employees.

Environmental report

It’s in our interests to preserve the environment

Here we would like to give you an insight into our environmental management system guidelines. This should document the fact that we consider our business activity and our responsibility to society as extremely important elements of our company success.

Our goals also naturally include issues that are relevant to the environment as a basis for quality of life.

Terms of delivery

We regard customers and suppliers as partners

Our task is to optimise the supply chain in a sustainable way, foster innovation and ensure mutual reliability. Only through collaboration are we able to fulfil customer expectations and secure our competitiveness with regard to function, quality and price.

Gutekunst operates via a highly flexible customer service network that ensures full support. Our commitment to customer service guarantees short transport routes, fast delivery and a high level of cost efficiency.

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